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Enhance your in-college placement prospects with Campus Credentials’ offline training program. Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors right within your college premises. Gain essential skills through interactive workshops, mock interviews, and group discussions. Prepare yourself to excel in interviews and secure your dream job, all while staying connected to your academic environment.


Real-Time Feedback and Auto-Grading

The code platform provides instant feedback on code syntax, logic errors, and best practices, helping students identify and correct mistakes efficiently. It also incorporates an auto-grading system to evaluate code submissions, saving time for both students and trainers.

Integrated Code Editor

A built-in code editor within the platform allows students to practice coding exercises, assignments, and challenges directly in their web browser, eliminating the need for additional installations or software.

Coding Challenges and Competitions

The platform offers a range of coding challenges and competitions to enhance practical coding skills. Students can participate, test their abilities, and compare their performance with peers, fostering healthy competition and growth.




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